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 Royal Transformations is about renewing the way you think, manifesting purpose through your actions, intentionally modifying reactions to promote positive outcomes, and changing your perception of how you look at life. I want every woman to walk with their head high, displaying dignity and grace, crown straight, and a smile on her face. 


 Hey Loves,

I am Coach Rika, the Royalty Coach, A.K.A Goddess Royalty .

I have been put on a journey of helping my sisters adjust their crown in this thing called life. I am  an influential, motivating speaker, life coach, author, and mother, just to name a few things.

Ladies no lie  I have been through somethings. I have  survived abandonment, low self-esteem,teenage motherhood, and domestic violence to just name a few. I knew that there was more to life than limits, brokenness, confusion, and hopelessness. Once I realized that I AM ROYALTY, I could not be stopped.


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